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£1253, Martone Cycling Co, Buy it now Periwinkle blue and classically styled, this bike harks back to a bygone era and will have you yearning to ride through blossom filled parks- with a sprung leather saddle and mudguards for preserving the pretty dress you’re bound to be wearing, all that’s missing is a basket for stowing your belongings.

If you’re after a weekend bike for fun rides, this is just the ticket.

Ein Begriff, der in unserem Kopf sofort viele schöne Assoziationen hervorruft. Ist es die Geborgenheit, die besondere Intimität, die wir durch Wohnen erzeugen?

Denken Sie vielleicht an Ihre Kindheit und das behagliche Gefühl von Sicherheit? Nicht umsonst leben wir in unseren Wohnungen so richtig auf.

"One key pattern associated with the development of a close relationship among peers is sustained, escalating, reciprocal, personal self-disclosure," the authors concluded.

This is an updated version of one of Pashley’s 1930s designs; refined to cope with the demands of modern cycling.

It features their classic frame, which allows for a dynamic riding position, helped by the drop bar handles.

But what if love is an active process, the conditions for which can manipulated and accelerated via a series of set questions between two people?

That's the premise of a 1997 experiment by psychologist Arthur Aron that was re-created in a recent In the original experiment, State University of New York professor Aron tested the hypothesis that two people who are willing to feel more connected to each other can do so, even within a short time.

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