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Make a group call with your gamer buddies, or hold a conference call with your business partners.I really don't like when any one delete every one buy nothing there is no privacy in the app please update it man and we need new things like if there is 100 people in the app we want to mute some of them like we need mute but other one like if i can but mute for just one person or 10 of them to talk to 1 people or more cause some times we don't want one person to hear us and don't want him or her to hear her voice or his Ive been having a connection to servers problem from five months ago.Line, the messaging upstart out of Japan, is adding group calling into its ever-expanding web of services.Why Popcorn Buzz is Awesome - Free Group Calls Talk with up to 200 people at the same time, for free!- Easy Invitations Invite anyone simply by sending them a URL.

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