Who is john menard dating

Under steel-blue sky, Melania Trump descended a granite staircase in black stilettos, black overcoat, and black sunglasses.

In 2005 Menard and the Hilberts created MH Equity Private Equity, essentially becoming business partners.

Milwaukee, WI- The billionaire owner of Menard’s a chain of Wisconsin home improvement stores has been accused of asking his money manager’s wife for sexual favors or face “financial consequences,” at least that is what a new lawsuit filed by Tomisue Hilbert alleges.

The lawsuit, filed at the end of May in Hamilton County, Indiana, details a number of salacious allegations against John Menard Jr.

Her role in the equity fund has led to other problems for Sands, who was not licensed to practice in Indiana when she was advising the creation of the fund there, according to another lawsuit.

In return for all the work, she says, Menard promised to compensate her with partial ownership in the businesses, a promise he denies.

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