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in 2013 who were revealed to be the mystery sponsors of the Swedish rising stars of No Tidehunter.

Additionally, we will be moving from the three-weekend schedule used in AT XIV back to a four-weekend schedule.In late October 2012, it was announced that Loda and Akke had joined team No Tidehunter, only one month before Dreamhack Winter 2012.which the team had qualified for with a mixed roster including German carry Black^ Winning the Dream Hack Winter tournament in such short time after the Swedish veteran duo's inclusion surprised many, and established the team as one of the best teams in the west.This means that during the first weekend of the tournament, we will be running the matches in two systems simultaneously, with a broadcast by EVE NT.The second weekend will have a single match being played at a time with a broadcast again from EVE NT.

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    All of this occurs through Facebook, which has a reachable audience of 1.2 billion and loads of targeting options, while sites like and Plenty of Fish, are only in the millions and play the game of chance.