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This article looks beyond the first heady weeks of office romance and gets down the nitty gritty.Before you accept the offer of a date from that cute new guy in accounting, learn a little more about navigating the minefield of workplace romance. When you spend this much time with someone, you get to know them on an intimate, day-to-day level.People inherently understand and are attracted to others who “understand” that part of their life.”Another draw of getting involved with a co-worker is the excitement coupled with the “safety” of dating somebody you’ve already gotten to know.

The findings come from a study published in 2009 in the , in which she surveyed 1,057 employees from an array of U. businesses including department stores, financial firms and chemical companies.

Another study carried out by suggested an even higher number of couples meeting through work with51 per cent of respondents admitting to having an office romance at some point in their career.

Closer to home it seems that we’re not averse to trysts with colleagues either.

Louis, graduate student Adam Putnam tries to get to know the undergraduate students he oversees in his adviser's memory lab.

Being friendly — sharing lunch, playing ping-pong, telling jokes — makes coming to work more enjoyable for him and his colleagues, but it can also lead to problems, he's found.

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